CSC 578C

This page serves as an overview/introduction for the resources completed for my CSC578C projects, Spring 2012.

iRobot Create robot used for the tracking part of project.

The first project details a target and range acquisition system using a camera and target. The project is built using the open source libraries Robot Operating System and OpenCV and is discussed in the posts below:

  1. Robot Operating System (ROS)
  2. Target Acquisition
  3. Range Finding

The final aspect of my project is the software aspects of converting a RepRap Mendel 3D printer to a Dremel-based CNC cutting machine, or Mendrel. The hardware aspects of the project were designed and implemented by Guy Pommares with help from River Allen under the direction of Dr. Mantis Cheng.

  1. Mendel Background
  2. Hardware
  3. Electronics
  4. RAMPS
  5. PyCAM
  6. G-Code
  7. Cutting

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